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What should I do to Get Rid of Addictions?

What should I do to Get Rid of Addictions?

People suffering from addiction often wonder, “what should I do to get rid of my addiction?”  Although there are a few different options available, for most, a rehabilitation center that uses Smart Recovery is usually the best choice.  Drug rehab is the process of psychotherapy or medical treatment for addiction to psychoactive drugs including alcohol, prescription medicines, and street drugs like cocaine, crack, meth, heroin or methadone. Drug rehab centers offer different kinds of treatment including inpatient, day/night, residential, outpatient, short-stay rehab, long-term rehab, social work rehab, special needs rehab, marriage recovery program, group therapy and spiritual support. Each drug rehab center has its own set of procedures to provide effective treatment to drug addicts and it follows the recognized guidelines for the treatment. In addition, different methods are followed for different kinds of addiction.

Inpatient Rehab

During inpatient rehabilitation, the most common procedures followed include behavioral modification programs, group therapy, individual counseling and family therapy. Medication is also provided during inpatient rehabilitation in order to treat patients with different kinds of addictions. Substance abuse treatments include inpatient detoxification, residential treatment, outpatient treatment and short-stay residential rehab. Recovery programs include relapse prevention, cognitive behavior therapy, life skills and relapse recovery planning. These programs help in restoring the health and life of addicts and improve their coping skills for succeeding in life.

Outpatient Rehab

Out patient treatment programs offer a high degree of privacy and independence for those who are uncomfortable in a group environment. This type of program allows patients to explore their own issues without the supervision of a licensed therapist or medical practitioner. These services can also be delivered in a variety of settings including hospitals, residential treatment centers, halfway houses, outpatient treatment facilities, mental health facilities, schools, and addiction clinics. Many addiction support groups are now offering in patient recovery programs.

Addiction is a complex illness and those suffering its debilitating effects need help. They often go to great lengths to avoid contact with the substances of addiction, but without going through detoxification or treatment. Addicts have problems managing their cravings. They are often triggered by negative stimuli (such as stress, loss of a job, or a parent passing on) and are unable to resist their craving for that substance. When they try to stop, it becomes a struggle.

Smart Recovery

A good addiction recovery program addresses both the cravings and the behaviors that lead to addiction. SMART Recovery offers assistance to people seeking abstinence from alcohol and other substances of addiction. SMART Recovery is a non-profit organization that offers support to people seeking abstinence from addiction through a twelve-step program. SMART Recovery offers a variety of services, including medical consultation, social service referrals, legal counsel, and education and motivation.

A four-point program is designed to assist individuals in maintaining motivation during their recovery. These include the use of coping statements, creative activities, and activities that foster feelings of power and control. This four-step program offers tips and strategies for fighting cravings and maintaining motivation during sobriety. The SMART recovery program also offers resources that help those with addictions maintain abstinence.