Addictions Need Treatment, Not Substitutes

Synthetic Marijuana is Not Safe

Many migraine sufferers have tried street drugs to find relief from chronic, debilitating headaches. Consequently, the addiction rates among those who have attempted to self-medicate for migraine relief is sky-high. It is a misconception that synthetic drugs are safe. Recently, there have been several people who have died, and even more who were severely injured, from the use of synthetic drugs or OTC medications to either get high, or to try to self-treat the symptoms of their own addiction.

Treatmet. Not Substitutes

The greatest number of recent deaths have been related to the use of synthetic marijuana. Sold in gas stations and convenience stores as a “legal way to get high,” these “substitute drugs” have been killing people. Last month over 70 people were found convulsing in a public park in the Northeast. Several of these individuals died. The only thing to link them together is the use of synthetic marijuana.

In that same time period, several members of the military were rushed into the hospital as unresponsive. The only connection: synthetic marijuana. This week, over 150 people were rushed into the ER in the Midwest for uncontrollable bleeding. The hospital went into lockdown for fear of an Ebola outbreak in the United States. After much testing, it was discovered that each of these people used synthetic marijuana that was laced with a blood thinning medication. These people were unaware of the additive and many people died.

At the same time, several people have overdosed on OTC anti-diarrhea medications. These medications often provide people relief from some of the side effects of opiate addiction withdrawal. When taken in larger amounts, the medication can provide a “mild high” which many people abuse while they are trying to get more opiates. Again, the overuse of these medications can lead to serious injuries and death.

Addictions Need Treatment Not Substitutes

Substituting one drug for another is not an effective way to treat an addiction. There are no “safe” substitutes for marijuana or opiates. The only effective way to cure the withdrawal symptoms is to enter rehab. Using the services of an addiction recovery center will help you regain control of your life and help you learn how to live addiction free.

Drug rehabilitation centers are designed to help you overcome your addiction and learn to be healthy again. Working with a substance abuse counselor, you will overcome your addiction and learn new lifestyle habits. You will discover what it is like to be physically healthy again. You will learn how to overcome the emotional attachment to your addiction and live in recovery.

A quality rehabilitation center will give you the support and care that you need to overcome your addiction. It does not matter how long you have battled addiction or type of addiction; drug rehab can work for you.

Three Questions to Ask any Substance Recovery Center

Drug rehab centers are all different. When you are searching for a substance recovery center, there are a few things that you should look for in their services. These qualities will help you select a center that will be most beneficial to your recovery.

• Do They Treat Your Type Of Addiction? Some recovery centers have the ability to treat a variety of addictions. Others specialize in a specific type of care. First verify that the center you select has a program that addresses your specific needs.

• Do They Have Personal Counselors? Sadly, many centers have a small staff and a large base of patients. Check to be sure that you will receive the individualized treatment that you deserve to help overcome your addiction.

• Does The Center Offer After Care? Sometimes staying in recovery can be difficult without support. Make sure that the recovery center that you select has programs in place that will assist you once you leave the program. Support groups and similar programs are essential for staying in recovery.

Substance Abuse Treatment Explained

Entering into a substance recovery program may seem scary. In the past recovery centers were portrayed as being very clinical and sterile, without much care or compassion for the person trying to enter into recovery. This is no longer the case.

Substance abuse recovery centers are now designed to treat the whole person, not just the addiction. They are about making a physical, mental and emotional recovery from the addiction. Rehab is about changing your life and taking control of your future.

Substituting one drug with a “safe” substitute can be more dangerous than the drugs themselves since these substances are not regulated or monitored in any way. If you are ready to break your addiction, consider entering a rehabilitation care center. You will have the support and care you need to enter into recovery.