MAGNUM Introduces Axon Optics for Migraine Prevention

As a Migraine suffer if you have had the chance to obverse the previous Republican Presidential candidate Congresswoman Michele Bachmann at a sunny afternoon public event and watch her as she speaks what do you fellow Migraineurs notice when you watch the evening news later that day or happen to walk by a news stand with all those glossy photos of the photogenic Congresswoman the following day?

Could it be something odd?  Something strange, no there is nothing odd about the Congresswoman herself, back off you far-left-wingers, no place for harsh gotcha political tactics here readers, this is a health column—not a political column!   Having said that, we perused hundreds and hundreds of rally and event photos on Google and other databases with tens of hundreds of smiling Congresswoman Bachmann ALL sans Dark Eyeglasses or Tinted Eyeglasses of any type?

For a self proclaimed Migraineur that seemed odd! But not unless she simply chooses to risk a possible Migraine trigger for sake of having what many might think is a more marketable image.  These are choices Migraineurs are often forced to take whether we wish too or not every day.

Now for a woman who has gone on the public record in June regards to her Migraine disease:  “Let me be abundantly clear — my ability to function effectively has never been impeded by Migraines and will not affect my ability to serve as commander in chief,” Mrs. Bachmann, Republican of Minnesota, said in a statement. She described the headaches as “easily controlled with medication.” Which may be another reason she feels confident about taking a risk with photophobic triggers seeing as hers are “easily controlled with medication.”

Now we bring up former Presidential Candidate Michele Bachmann because she is one of the most photographed persons in the United States and if you take the time to peruse those countless Bachmann images you will notice one sunny day after another sunny day with thousands of Paparazzi snaps and professional photojournalists capturing the Minnesota Representative never wearing her Migraine preventing sunglasses, or tinted glasses Migraineurs so often don’t go home without!

Over the years this health advocate never goes anywhere without tinted eyewear so I thought it was interesting to see Ms. Buchmann forgoing most Migraine doctor’s advice to avail her possible campaign managers advices.   Do I know this for a fact?

No.  The purpose of using this public figure as an example was to draw attention to the fact for most Migraineurs are photosensitive and can benefit from the proper protective eyewear from a common Migraine trigger.  In no way do we think she is exaggerating her Migraines, just the opposite.

To that fact it appears to highlight how we Migraine sufferers have to take decisions as simple as what some might consider a fashion statement can affect our risk to future attacks.  We applaud all Migraineurs who give up a choice which might help them avoid a trigger to better interact at work or play.

If timing is everything in politics then how nice a major science backed study much stronger than the 1991 Photophobia Filter Study et al R.H.Taylor , F. R. C. S. & M.J. Mortimer, M.R.C.G.P. “The Use of Tinted Glasses in Childhood Migraine”  back when Congresswoman Bachmann made her Migraine disease decree a very hardy study in the prestigious Headache and Migraine disease medical publication called Cephalalgia Magazine came both occurred in June of 2011!

“fMRI Evidence that Precision Ophthalmic Tints Reduce Cortical Hyperactivation in Migraine” What is important for those who don’t realize just how hard it has been to get NIH or any other medical body to conduct Migraine disease or headache disorder research, but that is a whole other story and you can get started by reading up about Headache On the Hill to learn more about the inequity of medical studies.

So we are always grateful to see any, especially ones done by major institutions , and keep in mind studies based around high tech devices such as Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging or functional MRI (fMRI).  The advantages is they allow researchers to actually map the brain and brain function of vetted Migraineurs and you do not need thousands of patients such as a double blind study as it would be very redundant and a waste of very expensive resources as well as cutting into research time for other struggling diseases. We still hope to see more such studies on Migraines continue which is one of the reasons we are writing about it.