Non-Drug Treatment for Pediatric Migraine

Non-Drug Treatment for Pediatric Migraine

The last thing any parent wants to do is give their kid a any type of drug. But in certain circumstances, such as a migraine, that cant be avoided.  It has been reported that for somewhere between 10-28% of kids under the age of 18, many feel they have no choice.

There Are Other Options

Truth be known, many pediatric specialists do recommend other treatments before prescribing medication.  An increasing number of non-drug therapies are available for pediatric migraine sufferers. As it is true of any r alternative medicine (CAM) treatment, the physician must be a part of the team making the decisions and oversee the unique care of the pediatric patient.

Non Drug Options for Migraines

One of the most common non-drug treatment options is temperature therapy. The application of a warm or cool compress eases pain for many. Apply the hot or cold pack to the forehead and back of neck.

Getting additional sleep can  sometimes ease the suffering of adults with migraines.  We have yet to see much additional sleep therapy studies that have been directly done on children yet.  The duration of children’s migraines is usually shorter than that of an adult. It may be beneficial to have the child take a nap taken in a dark, quiet, area can eliminate some migraines altogether.

Other Options

Scheduling can be a factor in reducing the frequency of pediatric migraines. Unlike adults, who experience stress in an acute, episodic manner, children usually experience a constant stress level, particularly during the school year. Establishing a regular routine, including time to relax and an age-appropriate sleep schedule, helps many adult that deal with migraines.

Learning to fully relax has proven beneficial.  Some preliminary studies have proven successful utilizing self-hypnosis and guided imagery, is becoming the treatment of choice for recurrent pediatric migraines. Studies on the subject show that over half of the pediatric patients who learn these relaxation techniques experience less frequent migraines, but with no reduction in pain intensity when they do have one.

There are many options for pediatric migraine therapy, do not be afraid to ask the doctor about drug alternatives.




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